Putting it off because of the sun?
TattooClear has got you covered!

We’ve all heard it before: the urban legend that tattoo removal and sunshine are mutually exclusive, which would make starting your treatment in summer a real bummer. Thankfully, we now have the perfect solution available at TattooClear: a special sunscreen to protect the most delicate parts of your skin whilst receiving treatment. With this item in your luggage, your holiday will go by without a hitch. And so will your tattoo removal!

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Every new summer client (starting their treatment in July or August) receives a free protective creme to block out the sun. Book yours now!

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About TattooClear

In need of a fresh start? TattooClear wants you to be proud of your skin again. As specialists in tattoo removal, you can count on our expertise in advanced laser technology, focused on tattoo removal.

TattooClear has everything you need for the removal of your unwanted tattoo in Hasselt, Geel, Zaventem and Aarschot. Equipped with ultramodern devices, the employees in each center provide you with ‘clear skin’ and advice.

With TattooClear you can remove tattoos and make room for a new one or remove an unwanted tattoo once and for all.

Three employees from the Tattoo Clear team represent our professionalism with a smile: “We will remove your tattoo quickly and reliably!”

How does it work?

Impressive 'before and after' of a removed tattoo on the hands, wrists and forearm by TattooClear.
Before and after 6 sessions
This tattoo on the elbow was completely removed after eight sessions with clean and smooth skin as a result.
Before and after 8 sessions

Approach TattooClear

Everything starts with an intake session. You can book this online or offline:

  1. You send us a clear picture with dimensions of your tattoo via hasselt@tattooclear.be, geel@tattooclear.be, zaventem@tattooclear.be or aarschot@tattooclear.be. This way, if possible, we can give you an estimated price, the number of sessions and the expected result based on the information received.
  2. You contact us by phone beforehand to book a free intake session where we discuss and investigate the tattoo to be removed.

Laser operation

TattooClear works with advanced laser technology to ensure the best treatment for your skin. Our devices emit a selective beam of light that is ‘absorbed’ by your tattoo and cause disintegration of the ink. Your body will drain the ink particles through your lymphatic system. This means the laser stimulates a natural process.

Thanks to the laser technology from TattooClear, the ink of your tattoo is broken down so that after a number of sessions you will have a tattoo-free skin again.
During an intake session, we decide how many sessions are needed for the complete removal of your tattoo: we are only satisfied when you are.

Number of treatments

After each session, the ink of your tattoo will fade a little further, until it eventually completely fades. The number of treatments required and the result highly depend on the amount of ink used, the colors used and depth of the tattooing. Moreover, the effect of laser tattoo removal differs per person: maybe you need a few more or a few less treatments. That is why the intake session is of great importance.

5 reasons to choose TattooClear today:

  1. Professional from intake to aftercare
  2. At various locations in Flanders
  3. Advanced, reliable devices
  4. With advice from trained employees
  5. Fast and affordable service

Frequently Asked Questions

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